Viagrow Single Outlets Oxygen aquarium air Pump

Viagrow Single Outlets Oxygen aquarium air Pump

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The Viagrow Single Valve Air Pump is the perfect choice for your air accessory needs. The unique, stylish design keeps the noise down to a minimum. Air pump features easy maintenance and maintains optimum airflow. Specs are 1.6 L/min, 2W and single post and utilizes 1/4 in. OD 3/16 in. ID tubing. Kit includes 6 ft. 3/16 in. clear tubing, round 2 in. air stone, 4 mm check valves and the single valve air pump.
  • Pumps 25 GPH constantly recirculating water
  • 2 Watt pump powerfully circulates water
  • Plastic housing is light yet durable
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Pump includes power cord, tubing, air stone and check valve

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