Premium Reptile Substrate

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Premium reptile substrate for your animals. Ideal for snakes, lizards, geckos, tortoises and amphibians, the Viagrow Coco Chips substrate is the perfect choice in lizard, turtle or ball python bedding. Viagrow COCO chips retain water to help with humidity and resist fungus. Viagrow 50 l/52 qt. Coconut chips are ready to use right out of the bag, odor-absorbing, healthy, earth-friendly environment for your amphibians or reptiles. Viagrow Coco Chip are made of superior quality coconut, to offer you a 100% organic, safe and sustainable amphibian/reptile bedding that respects the environment. Coconut chips are also great for plant bedding landscaping or adding to a soil mix. Viagrow COCO Chips are pH stable, odor free, great for indoor or outdoor plants, hydroponics, roof top gardens, ground cover.

  • [Premium reptile substrate] perfect for your plants and reptiles Perfect for amphibians, snakes, tortoises, geckos, lizards and plants Viagrow premium coco chips substrate is a great solution for turtle, ball python snake, lizard bedding and for plants as well.
  • [Easy to use] easy to use right out of the box: just add the necessary water and you have a ready to use, odor-absorbing, healthy, earth-friendly environment for your amphibians or reptiles
  • [Eco friendly] we make our reptile substrate of a superior quality coconut chip, to offer you a 100% natural, sustainable and safe reptile bedding that respects the environment
  • [Plant uses] in addition to being a great reptilian and amphibian substrate, Viagrow coco chips can be used for landscaping, plant nurseries, greenhouses, aquaponics, hydroponics and popular with orchid and epiphyte enthusiasts our premium coconut chips are made from top quality coco husk, providing the best results for increased aeration, better drainage and improved moisture retention while remaining pH neutral