Viagrow Clone Machine Humidity Dome, Humidity Dome for VCLN24
Viagrow Clone Machine Humidity Dome, Humidity Dome for VCLN24
Viagrow Clone Machine Humidity Dome, Humidity Dome for VCLN24
Viagrow Clone Machine Humidity Dome, Humidity Dome for VCLN24

Viagrow Clone Machine Humidity Dome, Humidity Dome for VCLN24

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The Viagrow clone machine humidity dome is made to fit the Viagrow clone machine VCLN24. The Viagrow tall plastic dome for clone machines is made with HDPE plastic. A sturdy and reliable enclosure designed to give your plants a humid environment. The HDPE plastic material used in its construction offers exceptional durability and impact resistance, making it ideal for the demands of a cloning environment. The plastic material is BPA free and food safe for all food crops.

The dome features adjustable vent lids that allow users to regulate airflow and humidity levels inside the enclosure to create the perfect environment for successful cloning. The vent lids are designed to fit securely in place and can be easily adjusted to achieve the desired airflow and humidity levels. If you would like to add a Light to the top of the dome this dome is designed to accommodate and mount the V1020SL seedling station LED grow light for the dome and light combo, please see code VCD200-1020. If you are looking for a clone machine with dome and light, please search the code VCLN24-WDL.  The dome is designed to increase humidity while the cuttings generate roots. The humidity dome can be removed once your plants have established roots.

The dome is tall and spacious, providing ample room to house different-sized cloning machines. Its smooth and seamless surface ensures that the clones inside the enclosure remain undisturbed and protected. The clear HDPE material of the dome enables users to monitor the cloning process without opening the enclosure, maintaining a sterile environment inside, and preventing external contaminants from entering.

The tall plastic dome with adjustable vent lids is a valuable accessory that helps ensure a successful and efficient cloning process. Its robust construction, BPA free, and adjustable vent lids make it an excellent choice for protecting valuable cloning equipment and creating optimal cloning conditions.

[DIMENSIONS] The dome measures 14 inches in length, 10 inches in width, and 8 inches in height, providing ample space to accommodate a variety of different-sized cloning machines. Its compact size makes it easy to store and transport while still providing enough space for successful cloning.

[GROW LIGHT] Clone machine dome is clear and comes with adjustable air vents and handle for easy movement. Clone machine dome is designed to accommodate and hold the Viagrow Seedling Station LED grow light. Search code V1020SL for the seedling station grow light.

[BPA FREE] The plastic tall dome for a clone machine made with HDPE plastic is BPA-free and food-safe, ensuring that it is safe to use for growing crops. HDPE plastic is a food-grade material that is perfect for food crops. This means that the dome is safe to use for growing edible crops and does not contain BPA.


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