Once a year my kids and I plant seeds

Once a year my kids and I plant seeds

Every year my kids and I plant around three hundred seeds. Once the seeds are planted, the kids are in charge of making sure each seed turns into a healthy seedling. They love planting the seeds and even more so love selling the seedlings once they are ready. Each day they love to check on the seeds' progress and are full of questions about how the plants will grow.
Once the seedlings have heathy roots and several sets of leaves, the kids set up a table on the street with a makeshift multi-colored sign reading Plants For Sale! Much like a Kool aid stand - only they are selling veggies to neighbors and cars passing by for spring planting.
After several years of planting seeds with my kids, we created a kit that can teach anyone to turn seeds into seedlings and grow their own plants. The kit comes with step-by-step instructions and a Viagrow Grower's Guide chock full of tips and tricks to help you as you grow.
Happy growing!
Steve Sevener
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