U.S. Ambassador Julie Chung Visits Viagrow Coir Farm: A Story of Growth, Empowerment, and Sustainability

A momentous occasion unfolded as U.S. Ambassador Julie Chung paid a visit to the Viagrow coir farm, marking a significant recognition of its people-centric approach and economic potential. At Viagrow, the synergy between investment and empowerment is driving remarkable strides, with a focus on exporting coconut products to leading retailers in the U.S. and Canada, including Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, and soon Tractor Supply and Lowes. What elevates Viagrow's success even further is its steadfast commitment to empowering the local community. Notably, the farm boasts a workforce predominantly comprised of women, rendering not only job opportunities but also essential community services. Viagrow Coir has swiftly emerged as the premier growing medium of choice within the gardening community, commercial greenhouses, and among gardening...

Hydroponics: The power of water to grow food

In the year 600 B.C.E., the climate was arid and dry along the Euphrates River in Western Asia, but there were lush gardens climbing up the walls of the metropolis, Babylon.

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